Dr. Sketchy’s Venue Needed for Sunday, July 22

figure A correct 

Figure A: CORRECT.

It looks like Dr. Sketchy’s Barbary Coast will not be occurring at The Stud, at least not in the immediate future. Currently Sunday, July 22 would be a rip-snortin’ date to be available, as there is a strong possibility of a special secret guest (Sshhhhh!! Don’t tell!!!!) but only if the event, well, you know, actually HAPPENS.

Anyone have suggestions as to spots in San Francisco that might be appropriate for such an event? It needs to be either free or cheap, and offer either copious amounts of liquor (preferred) or a big thumbs-up on nudity.

Obviously those two last don’t go together… or, rather they go together SPLENDIDLY, actually with abjectly terrifying splendidness, even or especially on Sundays, but not so much when Johnny Law drops by for his weekly shakedown and discovers a topless hoofer in horizontal freezeframe before the lurid stares of well-pickled sketchers with pencil moustaches, extruding tongues and saucer-sized eyes.

That, my friends, is when the misery begins, and we’ll be having none of that.

But if an art space were to show up, say, and the fruit of the vine was right out but nipples get a hearty “Yes, Ma’am!” then that might work, too.

So, to summarize: Venue. Needed. Drinks. Or nipples. Mmmmm, nipples. I’m sorry, you were saying something?

figure b wrong

Figure B: WRONG.


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