Global Warming: The Final Solution

 Speaking of aliens, Ian Brockwell’s Global Warming: The Final Solution addresses the possible causes of Global Warming, implying by its cover, if not by its content summary, that bug-eyed aliens have heated up the Earth (or made humans and cows dumb enough to do it) for the purpose of causing the extinction of the human race.globalwarming1.jpg

Since it’s being sold on, the claim that “recent scientific reports tend to support the theories provided in [Global Warming: The Final Solution]” deserves special credence. “Whilst the cause of Global Warming is still debatable,” says the book’s summary page, “there is little doubt that its effects will create catastrophic changes. This may not produce a total extinction, but our population is likely to be reduced to such a level that the result will almost be the same. As the sea levels and temperatures rise to alarming rates, mankind will face its toughest battle to date, as every person on the planet fight for their survival. But should we fail to adapt to the increasingly hostile conditions, maybe the ‘Final Solution’ suggested in the book is not as unlikely as it may seem at first glance. Whilst this may be the first time humans have encountered such extreme changes on our planet, history has revealed that these events are nothing new to the Earth.”

Global Warming: The Final Solution (on


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