Roswell UFO Festival


Image courtesy of Roswell UFO Festival.

The Washington Post and the LA Times are among the news sources covering this weekend’s Roswell UFO Festival, where attractions include speakers asking “What does NASA really know?” and a live band with a computer-generated alien drummer, not to mention actress Chase Masterson (Leta on “Deep Space Nine”) and actor Dean Haglund (Langley on “The X-Files” and, for those completists among you, “The Lone Gunmen.”)

The Post quoted Stephen Bassett, “founder of X-PPAC, the first political action committee alienballoon1.jpgestablished to target the politics of UFO/ET phenomena.” On George Noory’s “Coast to Coast AM” radio program, Bassett said “I believe the Democrats are planning disclosures in the first months of the next administration.”

Continued the Post: “Several ufologists agreed that ‘the best ET ticket’ would be Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York (or maybe Al Gore?) and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson (D), who have probably already have been briefed on the truth… Interestingly, Richardson is quoted at the UFO Museum and Research Center (‘The Truth is Here!’) as stating: ‘I don’t think the U.S. government has fully disclosed everything they know.'”

More than 50,000 UFO fans have descended on Roswell, filling every hotel room (and, I salivate to think, probably going two-to-a-bed in some unpredicted and unpredictable geek-a-zoidish boff-a-nerding).roswell3.jpg

At Roswell, Doubt is an Alien Concept (The Washington Post — Requires Registration)

UFO Fans Trek to Roswell (The Los Angeles Times — Requires Registration)

Roswell UFO Festival (official website)

P.S.: says: “BAD GUYS TAKE NOTE: Official logo and all images on this site above are COPYRIGHT 2006, 2007 The City of Roswell AND MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED in ANY MEDIUM (T-shirts, etc) without a signed Merchandising Agreement w/The City of Roswell. Our City Attorney is VERY GOOD btw, so don’t think you’ll get away with swiping this either!!”

Did I mention that their City Attorney is VERY GOOD btw?

Alien baloon and logo courtesy of Roswell UFO Festival.


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