A Spanking for Men’s Health


From my News Briefs column this issue at Eros Zine: 

Is Porn Ruining Your Oh So Great Sex Life?

Men’s Health should get a spanking for a new article that leads with the same old anti-porn hysteria: “From Girls Gone Wild to racy web cams to cable television, skin is in — and it’s everywhere. But is the proliferation of porn good for society? Is it a safe stress-reliever or venomous home-wrecker? We tapped our best sex experts for their views — and for tips on heating up your own relationship.”

Thankfully, some of Men’s Health‘s experts have more evolved views than whoever writes the magazine’s slugs. The mag quotes Dr. Ava Cadell, “sexologist and founder of Loveology University.” “I sincerely believe porn has a therapeutic value for men, women, and couples,” says Cadell, “Anyone can look at porn from a negative angle, but remember, there are dramatically different kinds out there. It’s not all angry. Some are very feminine. Do your homework. Lots of women tell me how thankful they are for porn.”

They also quote Nicole Beland: “A lot of girls are reluctant to ask for what they want, but that doesn’t mean they’d mind trying new things. If you’ve been together for a while and talk openly about sex, then her response is likely to be positive. She’ll be especially agreeable if you make it a female-friendly flick.” Beland recommends Babeland and Good Vibes as places to find “female-friendly” porn, and says: “Bottom line? No one should settle for so-so sex.”

The trouble begins when Men’s Health moves from the experts to “readers on the MH Today blog,” who seem to be overcome with the same anti-porn hysteria as MH’s sluggers. “Porn ruins marriages. It is an addiction just like drugs and alcohol” — that’s just a taste. see for yourself, yea, and despair.

 Read the rest of the column at Eros Zine.


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