Breakup Sex (DVD Review)

Vivid’s Breakup Sex is ostensibly themed around the erotic appeal of break-up, make-up sex, not to mention the temptation of cheating. It goes there with mixed results. The opening scene features two sets of lesbians on a shopping spree for suspiciously slutty straight-girl clothes that leads to a four-slut orgy that starts bitchy and comes out moist and juicy, just like all lesbian shopping orgies do in the real world. Next, Steven St. Croix discovers wife Karlie Montana’s dirty domination stories on her computer — she’s been corresponding with a Master on the internet, looking for a little roughing-up. He gives it to her, with her assurance that her affair is online-only — ROFLMAO!

Read the rest of my review here. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)


2 Responses to “Breakup Sex (DVD Review)”

  1. violet Says:

    duude, you know that no one in, or involved in the making of, Breakup Sex has any idea what ROFLMAO means. unless it’s short for some acronym about ass-to-ear-felching or something.

  2. Thomas Roche Says:

    Then I guess my original version, ROFLMAOSMWTBG (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, spanking myself with the Bagavad Gita) would have gone RIGHT by them, eh?

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