Strip For Pain (Video Review)


Some months ago I heard about this project and thought that it rocked. But in one of those spiritual moments when the universe bitch-slaps you with eerie coincidence, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing this bizarre Burning Angel side project immediately after watching Mike Judge’s Idiocracy, in which a too-stupid future built by wildly-breeding shitheads is graced with such delectable TV entertainment as The Violence Channel and its most popular show, Ow! My Balls!. The only thing that would more succinctly prove Judge’s premise would be for the person who came up with Strip for Pain to now have 36 children. Indeed, the phrase Ow! My Balls! does make an appearance in Strip, but I’ll get to that. In this half-hour game show, male contestants endure increasing amounts of pain in order to get a chance to be inexpertly lap-danced by the Burning Angel girls. The guys hold their hands over Bunsen burners for the first round; winners get to spin a wheel and win such opportunities to hurt as — you guessed it — “Ow! My Balls!” The reference to Idiocracy, if it’s conscious, is just oh so amazingly clever — and more than meta enough to be metameta, maybe even metametametametameta, the kind of social commentary that just leaves ya gasping.

 Read the rest of my review here.


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