Tattooed & Tight (DVD Review)

The pitch for Matt Zane’s Tattooed & Tight  is great: “A vulnerable alt-star cast” (“alt” star, get it?) “is sexually ravaged while real tattoo artists ply their skills on soft, creamy flesh. Tera, Kate, Reagan, Lexi and Riley star as visionary director Matt Zane takes alt-porn to the next level. It’s a new erotic series featuring REAL TATTOOS… and REAL SEX!” Other marketing copy even promises that the girls are “laying bare their flesh to the tattoo artist’s needle while fucking and sucking while restrained in the chair!” Wow. Great idea. Hot. Pervy. Unfortunately, this ain’t that. They do tend to discuss their tattoos before doing their little dances, which is almost as exciting as having to listen to some girl tell you about the spiritual meaning behind her Kanji and koi and act really interested in the hopes of getting in her pants.

Read the rest of my review here. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)


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