Young Harlots: The Academy (DVD Review)

I get the distinct impression that Young Harlots: The Academy is number X in a series, but the backstory’s pretty easy to figure out… there are these Harlots, see, they’re at the Academy, and… well, they’re Harlots. In the first scene, uniformed Sandra shows up to the Potter-esque front doors of the Academy, where she’s informed in no uncertain terms that girls at The Academy do not wear uniforms, or at least, they don’t wear them very much of the time. Her two professors swiftly prove the Barry White paradigm: that even in a castle in the English countryside, funk music plays on demand whenever college-age women lift their skirts and old(ish) men say “Well, I think she could be a really bad girl” and smack said women on the ass.

Read the rest of my review here. (EXPLICIT CONTENT)


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