Geek Squad = Frat Squad

If you’ve followed the sting over at wherein they caught a Geek Squad technician stealing porn from a customer’s computer, you will be extra creeped out by the new breaking news: there was a conspiracy, and I do not use the term lightly, to harvest porn from a porn star’s computer.

The fact that it occurred just days before she died in a car crash makes it even creepier, but it really shouldn’t; what makes it as creepy as it could possibly be is that the customer was treated with extra disdain because she was a porn star: “Of course, the Agent that came out to her house was none other than the same person who copied all her files to DVD. He fixed the webcam in a few minutes then spent the entire remainder of the appointment scouring her network for more porn, which he saved to a portable hard drive. Those files were then shared across the store.”

Ick. That is to say, ick.

I’ve bought most of my electronics at Best Buy in the past; I don’t think I’ll ever darken their door again. Fuck Geek Squad and their little poser outfits, anyway.

 Via Violet.


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