Popper’s Shopper: Paintings for the Adventurous Animal

One of our Dr. Sketchy’s regulars, Dorian Katz, will be showing her work at Glam-a-Rama! (for the uninitiated or non-Mission-dwellers among ye, it’s the coolest hair salon in the world) on the evening of the next Dr. Sketchy’s. Glam-a-Rama is not far from Bombshell Betty’s so it would be a small matter to hop on your Vespa, rollerblades or pogo stick and continue your debaucherous art evening there. You can look for more information and see more of her delectable art at www.doriankatz.com.

 Popper’s Shopper:  paintings for the adventurous animalJuly 22nd through September 8th, 2007
Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, July 22nd 6-9 pm
417 S. Van Ness Ave (@ 15th St.)
San Francisco

Poppers’ Shopper is the Eros Guide for animals.  Editor-in-Chief, Poppers the Pony, has painted a series that illustrates the text of her favorite ads.  This is the smutty side of wild life not yet seen on the Nature Channel.  The menagerie includes drones seeking their queen bee, a young stud in need of a sugar mare and a tiger who’ll roar sixty-nine times.

Live animal acts at the reception will be performed by tiger Anh-Hoa Thi Nguyen, Buck Deerborn, kitten Sherilyn Connelly, bear Steven Schwartz, Cherry Lix of the Twilight Vixen Revue, llama rompersilkskin and Poppers with her trainer, Zoe KatKitten. 

Animal attire is encouraged.


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