Monsters Videotaped in China’s Lake Kanas

China's Lake Kanas 

From the English-language version of China’s People’s Daily Online via comes the report of “elusive mystical creatures” frolicking about Kanas Lake in China, apparently near the Tuvan region (you remember the Tuvans, right? Ondar, Richard Feynman, Ghengis Blues, Throat-singing, all that).

According to the administration of the Kanas scenic spot, on July 5th at 8:20pm, huge ripples were seen on the surface of the lake by a few tourists carrying their portable video cameras….From the video there can been seen a group of unidentified creatures, about 15 in number. They gather together and separate, looking like a fleet, and create a magnificent scene. The parts of creatures seen above the surface of the water are several times larger than the biggest sightseeing boat in the area…Legends from thousands of years ago spoke about “monsters” that often stealthily dragged cattle into the water.

As if to prove that I’m even more bad-ass than Fox Mulder, I found this. And I didn’t even have to use a flashlight.

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Image of Lake Kanas via Wikipedia. 


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