The Luxor to Become Westernized


According to Luxist, as the Las Vegas Strip moves away from its style of being a fourth-rate theme park into a classier, more sophisticated nightmare of annoying white people wandering around in baseball caps and trying through the liberal use of alcohol to convince themselves they’re living the good life while they gamble away their meager inheritance, one of the casualties of that transformation may be the Luxor Hotel which, in case you’ve been either living under a rock or in an alternate reality where Bugsy Siegel never died, has sort of an Egyptian theme.

Apparently, the hotel’s owners have either realized they weren’t convincing anyone, or that the Egyptian idea was a pretty silly one to begin with. They’re planning to take that unique character away.

Now, I have been to the Luxor numerous times, as the annual January spectacle that is the Adult Entertainment Expo requires me to go to the unpleasant desert metropolis of Las Vegas about once a year. I think The Luxor is about the most godawful, tacky piece of crap ever dreamed up to separate brain-dead yahoos from their hard-earned. But take away the Egyptian theme? What will be left, since the thing’s a giant pyramid?

Image of godawful tacky faux-Egyptian pyramid in the American Southwest courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


One Response to “The Luxor to Become Westernized”

  1. Little Tart Says:

    Please tell me they are not pulling out “The Search of the Obelisk”! If they do, we should consider pooling our resources, purchasing the ride, and taking it on the road so all can experience the craptaculousness of it all.

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