Susannah Breslin Freaks Me Out (Explicit Content)

Have you ever heard of Susannah Breslin? She used to write a blog known as the Reverse Cowgirl, I believe on Nerve. She wrote a freaky funny article on forniphilia (the crafting of women as furniture) which either I or Violet bought (I honestly can’t remember) for Good Vibes Magazine when I was working there. One day at some point after that, she packed up the Reverse Cowgirl and deleted it. I heard a rumor she was living in New Orleans.

Ms. Breslin wrote a comic called “My American Bukkake” that apparently became one called “My My American Bukkake” that is appearing in an anthology called Best Erotic Comics edited by Greta Christina. If you need to ask what Bukkake is, you may want to move along.

I read the original “My American Bukkake” comic at Violet’s urging, because Violet suggested it illuminated why the Reverse Cowgirl had vanished. It didn’t. It freaked me out. It was like the most terrifying murder mystery I had ever read crossed with the most awful motorcycle wreck I ever saw, with added jism. I downloaded it and had it on my hard drive for a while and would open it up and read it every once in a while, like poking a stick in my eye because I’m nearsighted.


Her comic was created using Photoshopped images she took on the set of a porn film that was targeted for federal obscenity charges. I was so inspired by her use of Photoshopped images that I created my own comic about a friend of mine calling to tell me she had a brain tumor while I was in the middle of taking nude pictures. It was largely successful, in that it was like the scariest horror film I ever saw crossed with the most awful dream I ever had about pulling my intestines out through my ankles, with JG Ballard watching and giving me pointers. I deleted that comic because it freaked me out, man. It’s something about Photoshop, man. It freaks me out.

I still read Susannah’s blog, the resurrected Reverse Cowgirl, pretty regular-like. She freaks me out, man. She’s a genius and some sort of weirdo. She fuckin’ freaks me out.


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