Mouse On a Stick

museumofhoaxes.jpg Over at one of my favorite sites, the Museum of Hoaxes, curator Alex writes about his trip to Malawi and South Africa:

One of my favorite sights in Malawi was the guys who stand by the side of the road selling mice-on-a-stick. Apparently many Malawians quite enjoy this dish. The vendors catch the mice by starting a fire in the brush to scare the rodents out. Then they spear about four or five of the critters on a stick and cook them — fur, bones and all — until they’re charcoal black. Although I didn’t sample this delicacy, I’m told that the proper way to eat a mouse on a stick is by beginning with the tail and working your way up to the head. You simply spit out the bones, much like you would do when eating chicken wings.

Certain opinionated creatures in my life say “That’s ridiculous. One should crunch the bones, and enjoy them thoroughly, much like you would do when eating a mouse not on a stick.”


Photo: Mr. Pinky by Pony Girl.


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