Not the Bradys… Please…Not the Bradys…


I haven’t decided yet how disturbed to be by this.

Producers Jeff Mullen and Scott David are nearing completion on their long-awaited pornographic “Brady Bunch” parody, Not the Bradys XXX….

The official Not the Bradys synopsis reads as follows: “Faced with financial difficulties at home due to slow business at his architectural firm, Mike and his wife Carol reluctantly tell the kids that the entire household will be on a budget for the next few months until business picks back up and the cash crisis ends. The kids get together and decide to help out by taking on odd jobs, holding car washes and pitching in wherever they can to help save the family house from bank foreclosure.Wild fun and mayhem ensue, especially when Marcia unwittingly applies for a job as a ‘figure model’ and finds out she’s about to star in a porn movie.”

I think the answer is “extremely.” I’m going to go with “extremely.”

Yeah, that actually is Ron Jeremy back there in a butcher’s apron.


Images courtesy of the Not the Bradys MySpace page.


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