The Times Covers the Lake Kanas Monster


Yesterday, the Times Online covered the “monsters” spotted in Lake Kanas, China, which it insists on calling “Lake Kanasi” in the body of the text but not in the photo caption. MonsterUSA picks up on that, referring to the lake (in the Mongolian region) now as Lake Kanasi.

The only Wikipedia reference to the “Kanasi” spelling gives me this, in the trivia section of the entry on Hucho taimen, a species in the salmon family:

“According to some popular Chinese folklore, a type of Taimen lives in Kanasi Lake in China and can weigh up to 4 tons. Scientific evidence has yet to verify the claim.”

Kanasi or Kanas? The anal-retentive copyeditor in me is having a conniption fit.

Meanwhile, everyone who found this blog by searching “bukkake” is like, “WTF?!?”

Image: From Wikipedia, Random Hucho taimen from northwestern Mongolia, almost certainly not the Kanas Lake monster, though this one was tagged & released, so you never know…


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