Crescendo 2012 (DVD Review)

The world is going to end in 2012, in case you didn’t know: December 21, 2012, to be specific, since that’s the date the Mayan calendar calls it quits — and if you can’t trust the Mayans, maybe you should just elect a dolphin President. Bud and Carla (Randy Spears and luscious Kirsten Price) have decided to have an orgy on the night of the 20th, in director David Stanley’s Crescendo 2012.

Carla gives Bud a comic history lesson to remind him about how over the last few years the polar ice caps melted, a talking dolphin got elected president, telepathy became common after the epidemic of weird cell-phone effects, and a giant Earthquake sank California, creating the Arizona Bay.

“We’re done for!” they decide, so Carla offers Bud a handful of outlawed “V” (the little blue pill) and a blowjob to a little “Air on the G-String” (hee hee) while Bud sprawls on a goofy chair in his lavishly-appointed space-age bachelor pad.

This, despite the fact that they’ve been friends forever and have never slept together — but hey, it’s the end of the friggin’ world, will a hug hurt?

Read the rest of the review here.


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