In Search of the Wild Kingdom (DVD Review)

In Crash Pad director Shine Louise Houston’s In Search of the Wild Kingdom, documentary filmmaker Georgia Mann travels to San Francisco to film real lesbians in their natural environment. Georgia believes that in order to truly understand sex, we must move beyond an understanding of “normal” heterosexual intercourse, and into the “darkness” of homosexuality. What makes lesbians so different than Georgia, a straight woman — she likes men!!! she tells us — and, she’ll come to wonder, what makes her so fascinated by the lesbos?

Previous documentary filmmakers have tried to capture the unique experience of these strange creatures (cue a hilarious cameo by Charlotte Stokeley), but none have actually observed the urban lesbians while they didn’t know they were being watched. Georgia shows no compunctions about hiring her two Seussian henchwomen, Camera A and Camera B, to sneak into lesbians’ apartments while they’re having sex. The secret they’ll find out, that lets the whole thing work, is that these San Francisco chicks seem to be having such awesome sex that they don’t even notice the film crew sneaking through the front door.

Read the rest of the review here.


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