LiveJournal Syndication Now Available for

For years I blogged over at LiveJournal (, until I finally gave it up for WordPress (rah, rah) for various reasons. For those of you who prefer to read this blog through LJ, I’ve got a new LJ syndication feed live: that you can add to your friendslist.

If you prefer to subscribe through another RSS reader, that address as always is or, more simpily, (or use the button in the left column of this site).

If you would like to subscribe by email, go to Feedburner here and, after a complex double opt-in procedure designed to guarantee I won’t try to sell you Viagra, you’ll get an email every shiny morning with all of the posts I’ve made the previous day (if I’ve made any).

I’ll be setting up an email list that’ll ONLY have notification of events (readings, book releases, etc), so if you’d like to join that but don’t want daily updates on my blogging activities, please email me and I’ll add you.


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