Right-Wing Childhood Heroes, Volume Eleventy-Seven


Chuck Yeager, the pilot who broke the sound barrier, and who was portrayed so artfully by hick freak playwright Sam Shepard in The Right Stuff, lived a colorful life after not becoming an astronaut; he eventually became a Brigadier General and was assigned as an advisor to the Pakistani Air Force during the 1971 Indo-Pak War

chuckyeager.jpgAccording to Wikipedia, on the opening day of the war, Yeager’s personal aircraft was destroyed on the ground, which Yeager interpreted as a way of “giving Uncle Sam the finger.” The pilot happened to be then Lieutennant Arun Prakash, who went on to become the 20th Admiral of the Indian Navy. Interestingly, you can read Admiral Prakash’s account, “How I Crossed Swords With Chuck Yeager,” at Bharat-Rakshak, the English-language “Consortium of Indian Military Websites.”

Yeager, who is still alive and kickin’ at 84, has endorsed the presidential bid of California Representative Duncan Hunter, a Vietnam vet and a true prince among men.  Yeager’s website says of Hunter: “He is the only candidate who has the best of Ronald Reagan’s character and politics.” Among Hunter’s other supporters is Ann Coulter, whom Hunter publicly defended in the recent Elizabeth Edwards-Ann Coulter controversy.

Among Rep. Hunter’s greatest hits are the introduction of The Right to Life Act, to “implement equal protection for the right to life of each born and preborn human person” and the Parents’ Empowerment Act, which “would allow the parent or guardian of a minor to sue in federal court anyone who knowingly disseminates material ‘that is harmful to minors,’ or specifically ‘any pornographic communication, picture image, graphic image file, article, recording, writing, or other pornographic matter of any kind.” He also has called for the construction of a reinforced fence along the US-Mexico border. If he becomes president, Hunter has said, such a fence will be built within 12 months. Rep. Hunter’s son, Duncan Duane Hunter, is currently campaigning to succeed his retiring father in the Congressional seat.

duncanhunter.jpgI am not sure at what point I realized that a lot of the heroes I had as a child were right-wing freaks and stood in opposition to everything that I believe in — as I see it, those things being peace, liberty, and generosity. I guess that’s the price of a childhood spent reading biographies of World War II combat veterans and thinking it’s awesome to kill large numbers of people with bombs.

Information, quotes and photos from Wikipedia. Photos: Top, Bell X-1, photo by NASA; middle: Chuck Yeager, photo by US Air Force; left, Rep. Duncan Hunter, Official congressional portrait and bottom, Chuck Yeager with the Glamorous Glennis, the Bell X-1 he flew to break the sound barrier.

More Links: Chuck Yeager’s Website, GoHunter 08, Hunter’s Official Congressional Site





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