Control #6 (DVD Review)

The unifying aesthetic of Robby D’s Control series is that of ultra-high-end LA/Miami porno where drool gags accessorize with sunglasses and posture collars go just fine with six-inch fuck-me pumps. It’s kind of vanilla-fetish, with no more actual power exchange than your typical porn, but with the trappings of perversion to spice things up.

The interesting thing, though, is that Robby is seriously obsessed, of late, with hot chicks abusing the viewer for watching porn. This nasty and unexpected fascination seems to perk up the series, which always felt before, to me, like it wasn’t quite SM but wasn’t quite vanilla, was kind of poser-ville and, as such, always left me wanting. Oddly, with Robby’s fresh obsession taking center stage, it breathes new life into the series. 

Read the rest of the review at Eros Zine.


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