First Time Auditions (DVD Review)

The dudes from now release a line of DVDs distributed alongside Vivid, and when I say “Dudes,” I mean “dudes” — this is grade-A frat boy content here. I justify the chuckleheadedness of “reality” porn concepts like this by thinking that when I write a story, I make shit up that is completely impossible, and nobody really thinks that it’s possible; it’s called “suspension of disbelief,” and it’s a whole lot easier if the customer has his dong in his hand. That’s what this is: suspension of disbelief. It’s not actually purporting to be “reality” — on the contrary, this is a fantasy — a fantasy about making reality porn. I guess. Porn long ago became its own genre of porn, and that’s not even addressing the less stratified layer of “feature” porn movies with plots about porn stars making porn; this on the other hand, is “reality” porn about making reality porn, only it’s fantasy about making a fantasy. It’s meta; so meta it’s meta-meta; just talking about it makes me want to wank on my Bachelor’s degree.

Read the full review at Eros Zine.


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