Red Hot Fox (DVD Review)

Digital Playground contract director Robby D seems to have a new obsession: hot chicks making fun of you (the viewer) for watching porn (which, if you weren’t doing, they wouldn’t be making fun of you; you’d be watching Star Trek or something). It’s meta. It’s also warped. Kinda hot, though, in that nasty way that things that are very wrong are supposed to be. Red Hot Fox starts with juicy Brit blonde Carmel storming into the house and discovering her boyfriend (that is to say, you) wanking. You son of a bitch! How dare you wank! Having spent the whole morning spending money at the shopping mall (and therefore getting impossibly turned on, just like all rich bitches do when they shop), she responds by abusing you with a torrent of filthy talk and then, since she needs more money to spend, having sex with “you.” Get it? She’s a rich young bitch, and rich young bitches use and degrade men. Whoa, dig that crazy reflexive story structure, man.

Whether you’re a guy who gets off on feeling bad about watching porn or just a connoisseur of male humiliation at the hands of sexually precocious young beeyatches, Red Hot Fox is the ideal title for you, sicko. Between this, Control 6 and quick trips to, you’re going to have an awesome weekend, you fuckin’ pervert.

Read the rest of the review at Eros Zine.


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