Florida Ghost Hunters’ High-Tech Equipment

 The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports from Ellenton, Florida about a nonprofit group called Gulf Coast Paranormal; they’re a group of ghost hunters using an array of high-tech equipment.

ELLENTON — It was well after midnight when the three figures walked into the mansion’s musty-smelling master bedroom.

Standing in almost complete darkness, they pointed digital recorders, cameras and a thermal imager at an antique four-poster bed where sugar plantation owners and an on-the-run Confederate leader once slept.

“Can you tell us, did you die here? Can you let us know you’re here?”

The only response was the chirp of crickets and the distant hum of traffic.

Lured by tales of a ghostly woman in a brown dress, a group of local paranormal investigators recently spent the night in the 160-year-old Gamble Mansion in Ellenton trying to capture proof of a world beyond this one.

Among the devices used are a thermometer (to show drops in temperature and “cold spots”), a barometer to measure changes in atmospheric pressure, a meter that shows changes in electromagnetic fields, infrared cameras, thermal imagers and, of course, sound recorders to capture those ghostly voices.

You can visit them at their web site, which shows photos of the investigations into something called “The Gator Club” — how could a ghost hunter be more Florida?


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