Do Men Have More Sexual Partners than Women?

Lively discussion going on over at the Scientific American blog:

Men average more sexual partners than women, right? Wrong.

Surveys consistently report that men in the U.S. population average seven sexual partners, while women average four. Everyone assumes men are cads and women are out to protect their virtue, so this makes perfect sense, except…

“By way of dramatization, we change the context slightly and will prove what will be called the High School Prom Theorem. We suppose that on the day after the prom, each girl is asked to give the number of boys she danced with. These numbers are then added up, giving a number G. The same information is then obtained from the boys, giving a number B.

“Theorem: G(EQUAL)B

“Proof: Both G and B are equal to C, the number of couples who danced together at the prom. QED.”

In other words, unless U.S. men are having tons and tons of sex with women who are outside the survey population (trips to foreign countries? prostitutes who don’t tend to show up in these surveys?) it’s mathematically impossible for men to average more sexual partners than women.

In the comments section, there’s a rather wonkish conversation about statistics punctuated by all the lively accusations and counteraccusations you’d expect from science nerds, including such illuminating questions as “Have you been in public recently or turned on a television???” and “Am I the only one that isn’t retarded here?” — not to mention such scientific statements as “Oh stop making things so complicated. It’s pretty simple, women divide by three and men double up.”

So how about you? Do you underreport? Overreport? Or are you just a big fucking slut and have no idea how many men, women, Realdolls, watermelons and puff pastries you’ve banged? Yeah, that’s what I thought, pervert.


One Response to “Do Men Have More Sexual Partners than Women?”

  1. LAS Says:

    I underreport b/c I am a big enough slut that I am always forgetting a few folks.

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