New Photo Shoot: Vampire Picnic

Just posted a new photoset on Flickr: Vampire Picnic. Models are Kade, Sadistic Skye, and Raynn. Shot last month in Albany. These are the dreaded diurnal vampires that freaked Buffy & Angel out in some Season 6 episode I can’t remember the name of. Only hotter. Most SFW, nothing naughty unless you consider it naughty to devour hapless innocents, body and soul, and revel in their rapturous screams of agony while savoring the slick delicacy of their life’s essence. This is my first photo shoot in a long time; I enjoyed it immensely, and I think I will be getting back into it. Interested models please email me.



2 Responses to “New Photo Shoot: Vampire Picnic”

  1. Thomas Roche Says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! Apparently “Vampire Picnic” lost me my first mailing list subscriber! WooT!!

  2. Little Tart Says:

    That’s crazy!

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