Space Shuttle Lands Safely Despite Damage


The Endeavour has landed in Florida with its strangely steampunk name, as well as its belly, intact. The space shuttle sustained damage on takeoff from nine pieces of falling foam. The damage turned out to be a three inch deep gouge in the protective tiles in the shuttle’s underside.

The Endeavour landed a day early not because of the tile damage, but because of fears that Hurricane Dean might affect Mission Control in Houston. The Endeavour will likely be the last space shuttle to fly. It is expected to retire in 2010, in preparation for NASA’s Orion going operational in 2013 or 2014.


Photos: Top, Endeavour lands in Florida; bottom, tile damage photographed after landing. Both from


One Response to “Space Shuttle Lands Safely Despite Damage”

  1. Zille Says:

    Love this post! Thank you for doing updates like this, as well as the sexy ones!

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