Ass Vamps (DVD Review)

From Eroticist Films and VCA comes Ass Vamps. It’s a title of which I was originally suspicious, because I feared it might turn out to be some wannabe-goth poser crap they’d sell in Hot Topic. Actually, I ended up adoring this modest piece of fun trash, not least because its tongue-in-cheek ultra-pretentious soundtrack, with its synthed strings and twangy hollowbody gothabilly guitar sound, evokes all the echo box orgies I drooled over in my early days as a mid-’80s babygoth.
Perhaps more importantly, Ass Vamps layers on the atmosphere with a trowel, and never seems to take itself too seriously; in fact, the fun is in how far they’ll go with their goth-as-fuck atmosphere, and the establishing shots of exotic streets and market squares in Europe are as delish as could ever make a misunderstood 19-year-old sweep his black hair out of his eyes and sneer “I don’t need your candy-apple fairy tale.”

Read more at Eros Zine.


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