Atlanta Flesh & Fetish Ball (Event Review)

Alicia R. Norman’s review of the Atlanta Flesh & Fetish Ball, a monthly event inspired by Daly City’s own Exotic Erotic Ball.

When my husband and I pulled up outside the site of the latest and long heralded Atlanta Flesh and Fetish ball, I thought we had the wrong place. The wicked bash, which is held every second Saturday of each month at 1763 Montreal Circle, was located in a warehouse/business district that is smack dab in the middle of Tucker, Georgia suburbia.  I was very excited about the event.

You see, I am a Goth girl at heart, apparently born that way, (never a cheerleader, always the sad, black dress wearing poetess, even in kindergarten), who is somewhat submissive, albeit more of a velvet bottom (love to play but hold the pain please), and I hadn’t had the opportunity to mingle amongst others in my tribe in several years. Popular haunts, like The Chamber, The Masquerade, and 688 Spring Street had long folded (I blame city ordinances that stipulated restrictions on operating hours, causing many Atlanta clubs to close up at a time when paying customers still wanted to party, as well as the natural decline that even popular clubs can experience over time), and I hadn’t been out and about.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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