Chez Badunkadunk (San Francisco Club)

What’s the matter? Summer fog got you down? Winter sun give you a sunburn? Got fall leaves in your coochie, spring fever in your pants, a bitter taste of Valentine’s Day malaise in August? No problem — make it all better with a trip to the playful environs of Chez Badunkadunk, where San Francisco’s finest burlesque hoofers will pole dance their way into your heart while lap dancers ply their wares on luxurious couches.

The first and third Saturdays of every month, Chez Badunkadunk brings the hottest iconoclastic strippers, freaky burlesque dancers, butt-grinding lap dancers and taxi dancers to the upstairs lounge at the famous Cat Club.

The organizers, legendary Fudgie Frottage’s Drag Strip and Lady Pandora of the equally legendary Lusty Lady, promise “SF’s best alternative strip club and burlyQ. Join the Infamous Lusty Ladies, The Goth-Erotic Black Widows, Hostess Princess Pandora, MC: Fudgie Frottage, DJ’s: D.I.E. and an assortment of BurlyQ Hotties for a wild evening of pole dancing, lap dancing, fan dancing, 2 for 1 dance specials and more at this tastefully steamy upstairs lounge.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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