Girls in the Groove (DVD Review)

Abby Ehmann’s review of erotic lesbian flick Girls in the Groove from Australian director and fellow Abby, Abby Winters.

Okay, so I’m pretty lucky to be able to review a lot of porn that isn’t your standard mainstream LA smut. But my editor asked if perhaps I was being a bit of a masochist when I volunteered to review an Abby Winters flick, given that it is most definitely “penisless porn,” a genre I usually find stultifyingly dull. Well, I will say that if I’d been watching this alone, I would’ve been asleep within the first few minutes. Fortunately for me — and you! — I was NOT watching alone. I was watching this flick with a friend who is positively WEAK for lesbian porn. Hah! So yeah, I’ll give you the play by play, but let me just say…this was the most fun I’ve ever had reviewing a porn movie!

Read more at Eros Zine.


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