Techyum Roundup 27.08.07


 More roundupage from Techyum, where I continue to appear from time to time:

“Didjeridoo Helps Sleep Apnea,” Proclaims Ad for Didjeridoos (techyum) (Not much more to say about this)

Beyond the Groovy Age of Horror (techyum)  (One of my favorite blogs switches from strange Italian comic book horror to pulp-noir — life could be worse)

Vatican Launches Mistral Air (techyum)  (The Vatican starts its own budget airline… this can’t be good)

Plus Violet’s nice introduction to me: New Techyum Henchman: Thomas Roche (techyum)

Image from “The Computer of Sex” via The Groovy Age of Horror.


One Response to “Techyum Roundup 27.08.07”

  1. Curt Says:

    Oh, don’t worry–the strange Italian comic book stuff continues. Jaakko is the contributor I’ve put in charge of that, and he actually posted a new installment today. I’ve just decided to branch out in some new directions on the blog, myself. Since I’m on the pulp noir kick, I’ll have to dig out my copy of NOIROTICA for review–maybe I could even interview you, too?

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