Photographer R.C. Horsch (Gallery and Interview)


R.C. Horsch’s work ranges across the erotic spectrum; in fact, he takes great pleasure in observing the place where so-called art becomes so-called trash in the estimation of viewers.

His agent and publisher, Stanley Stokowski, observes that “If pornography can be defined as images or prose designed for arousal, then much of his work is clearly not pornographic in the sense that (hopefully) few people are sexually aroused by images of violence, dead bodies and grotesquely wasted heroin addicts.

“But, on the other hand, the fact that the images are sexually graphic in the extreme makes them unsuitable to the ‘legitimate’ art world. The end result is that much of RC’s work has no venue: it is rejected as both pornography and art.”

Similarly, Horsch’s stated quest is “to capture unadorned ‘essence’ or soul in the primitive sense,” with the result that even his most disturbing images have an erotic rawness. We caught up with Horsch to talk about these aspects of his work and what drives him to create photographic portraits.

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