Black Worm (DVD Review)

At its best, the classic ’70s crime saga drips with sleaze and sexuality, so I’m always surprised the adult industry doesn’t go there more often. Enter Pulpo Inc., a new production company dedicated to generating hardcore with the look and feel of pulp entertainment. Black Worm, a gangster saga in which drug lord El Capo (Jean Paul) pimps out his girlfriend Carla (Lorena Sanchez), first to his brother Lincoln (Van Damage), then to Brit assassin El Oso (Tony DeSergio), an associate of Capo’s Papa, as part of a plan to rip off $20 million of Oso’s green. Sad to say that upon discovering the money’s gone, Oso grabs Carla who, it turns out, has some needs of her own, and an agenda that can only end in bloody and horrifying revenge.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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