M. Christian Has an Evil Doppelganger

From Eros Zine:

The Very Bloody Marys author M. Christian, who has contributed his unique brand of clever, edgy and inventive erotic fiction to literally hundreds of anthologies, magazines and websites as well as authoring and editing more than a score of books, writes in his blog that someone has been impersonating him.The counterfeiter has actually gone so far as to publish a book entitled ME2, the cover blurb of which implies that M. Christian is not a real person, but some sort of “house name” for a cadre of pseudonymous ruffians wreaking literary havoc in today’s literary universe. This villain goes so far as to first take credit for Christian’s vast literary output and then to write himself a blurb in the voice of “The other M. Christian,” which would (maybe) all add up to a rousing literary fraud if it were a) funny, b) clever, or c) amusing, or if M. Christian (the only one) was actually the guy behind it. He ain’t. How do I know? Because it’s not funny, clever or amusing.

Certainly this scoundrel is not the first to think M. Christian couldn’t possibly be one person; after all, his literary output boggles the mind with its breadth of both sexual proclivity and stylistic variety, but while I’m sure that Christian could, at least in spiritual terms, be accused of being a “cadre,” and a well-armed one at that, he also happens to be an actual person.

Having been, incidentally, accused of being M. Christian myself in the very early days of my writing career (and he, likewise, having been accused of being me, probably because we’re both weirdos from San Francisco who don’t like you very much), I feel an eerie sense of déjà vu to now find out that a pigfucker thinks he (or she) can run roughshod over someone’s career… to what end?

I’m telling you, if this person turns out to be named Laura Albert…. POW! Right to the moon.

Find out more about M. Christian’s writing at MChristian.com.


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