Sophia Santi: Scream (DVD Review)

Scream is a departure for Digital Playground director Celeste; here, rather than the brightly-lit high-end fashion fantasies her films usually feature, we travel into the techniques of freaky, scary haunted house flicks crossbred with creepy SM imagery. I spend what little time I’m not watching porn obsessing over horror movies, so you’d think it would be a marriage made in Hell, guaranteed to haunt my perviest nightmares. It aint. I’m sorry to say I didn’t find the imagery successful; something about the claustrophobic camerawork fails to convey the close-in intimacy of the horror movie, and instead just feels crowded. The loving care with which a Celeste movie usually dresses every shot seems gone; much of the action feels lost in the darkness and, perhaps most importantly, there’s no real plot to string it all together, which would be a reasonable trade for the prettiness of Celeste’s usual fare.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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