On the Trail of the Elusive Cabbit

rabbit3.jpgA friend from New Orleans called my girlfriend in all seriousness and asked her whether a cat and rabbit could breed. When my girlfriend assured her that cat-rabbit marriages were only allowed north of the Mason-Dixon line, the friend expressed relief and described a strange series of interactions in which several of her friends claimed to have owned, known or seen a cabbit. My girlfriend sent me this link, laughing till she cried. The entry at Wikipedia is more concise, even encyclopedish, and no less amusing (”The portmanteau term cabbit is used for alleged hybrids,” they says to me, so I says to Wikipedia I says to them, ”Alleged portmanteau!?!? You should meet my starboard manteau!”).

From Messy Beast, a “Cat Resource Archive:”

I’ve had a lot of enquiries from people asking where they can buy a cabbit. They have read two of my articles and misunderstood the information about cabbits. Those who have mailed me thought I was saying that there really are creatures which are part cat and part rabbit. Some even thought I was breeding cabbits or that I knew cabbit-breeders who would sell them a cabbit.

For the love of God, people — I thought everybody knew that the only other mammal rabbits can breed with are antelopes.

Rabbit via Wikipedia.


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