Public Comment Period on 2257 About to End

The public comment period for House Resolution (HR) 4472, the expansion of recordkeeping requirements for adult entertainment, ends today. If you like adult entertainment online and believe 1) that producers of erotic content have a right to conduct their business unhindered by unecessary government regulations designed to legislate morality, and 2) that erotic performers have a right to expect that their privacy is protected like every other American citizen’s, regardless of their career choice, then won’t you please take a moment to send an email to and please note that the subject line MUST read: Docket No. CRM 104.

More background on this issue is available over at The Sex Carnival

Here is my letter to the Justice Department: 

I am writing to comment on HR 4472, the expansion of recordkeeping requirements for adult entertainment under 2257.

I am an American citizen and believe strongly both in the protection of children and the right of law-abiding citizens to do business without improper hindrance by the government.

I consider the proposed expansion, or ANY expansion, of 2257 regulations to be a gross invasion of the privacy of adults. It is important to prevent underage individuals from being exploited, but this is not the way to do it. The recordkeeping requirements that demand secondary producers keep a performer’s identification, most likely with their home address, are an invasion of privacy. Taken as a whole, these regulations place an undue burden on law-abiding producers of adult entertainment, and I consider this burden to be utterly unacceptable.

I oppose ANY expansion of 2257 regulations, and especially oppose those in HR4472.

Thomas Roche


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