Flesh and Blood (Movie Review)

Larry Silverman’s beautifully photographed documentary Flesh & Blood takes on Phoenix’s Steve Haworth, a devotee of extreme body modification and fonder of Life Suspended, a group devoted to fleshhook suspension. The modifications that Haworth offers are among the most extreme in the world, and the footage in this film is extremely explicit, with oodles of genital nudity and plenty of piercing and cutting, including some genital cutting in excruciating detail. Oh, and there’s lots — LOTS! — of suspension, that is to say, our mortal bretheren putting enormous hooks into their bodies and hanging from them. Flesh & Blood has its West Coast Premiere at San Francisco’s Docfest on October 2 at 7pm; it plays again October 5 at 9:15pm.

Read the full review at Eros Zine.


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