Missing Persons (DVD Review)

In Randy Spears’ Missing Persons, Mrs. Hall (Exotica) is worried about her husband Eric (Evan Stone), missing in Baja after a storm. Detective Parsons (Van Damage) comes to visit her to inform her that Eric’s boat has been found capsized and abandoned, 25 miles out to sea. She starts to freak out and hears footsteps downstairs, falls asleep and has an erotic dream of Eric. Her best friend Brooke Banner rushes over to comfort her and takes her out for a relaxing glass of wine and a few pills to help her sleep. While they’re out in a swanky yuppie-lookin’ bar, some slut starts going down on her boyfriend, providing a barely passable excuse for a sex scene with Jayna Oso, the excuse becoming less passable when Scott Nails just happens in and starts ass-fucking her up against the pool table. Dude, what is this, a porn movie?

When an ever-more-freaked-out Mrs. Hall thinks she sees her husband outside her window in the rain and calls Det. Parsons again, he asks if he can have a look at Eric’s computer and discovers that he was shooting porn, which proves a thin excuse for another sex scene, this one a spirited anal romp with Bobbi Starr while Eric videotapes.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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