Extra Action Marching Band Seeks Flag Team Members

Li’l Mike at SF Metblogs informs us that the incomparable Extra Action Marching Band is looking for new members of its dirty-dancin’ flag team:

You don’t need to play a tuba, or memorize complex musical charts… you just need to move & groove with some distinctly discernible enthusiasm…The pay is apparently low to non-existent, but according to their fearless leaders, “rewards are vastly beyond logic and defy description

Which I think is a nice way of saying that this is the drinkin’-est, smokin’-est, sluttiest, dirtiest, most hangover-burdened marching band that ever kicked marching band ass and took marching band names. If the EAMB held “Band Camp” it would consist of taking over a Bakersfield Motel 6 and turning it into a smoking pile of butt-laced rubble with a trail of empties leading to and from the nearest BevMo. They’re animals. Animals, I tell you. Run. Hide. Cower.

Image via EAMB MySpace page.

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