Fatal Police Shooting in North Oakland

Some disturbing  news from Indybay about a shooting in North Oakland. I live in West Oakland, but spend a fair amount of time in the vicinity of 54th and MLK. From the Indybay article:

At 4:45PM on September 20th, a policeman shot and killed a man on the street in North Oakland. Gary King (who was in his early 20’s) had just exited a store on the corner of 54th street and MLK. Apparently the officer approached him for questioning. The details of what happened next are unclear, but it seems that it involved the policeman using a taser. King pulled away and it appears that during his attempt to flee, the officer shot him twice in the back.

A swarm of police cars (including helicopters) arrived on the scene very quickly, but it was a number of minutes before an ambulance arrived. In the meantime, one policeman appeared to be performing CPR. Gary King reportedly died at the hospital a short time later. Police on the scene dealt somewhat roughly with bystanders- including relatives of Mr King.

Someone spray-painted “Police did this” on one of the BART support columns on MLK at 54th. A memorial with candles and personal items is set up at the place where the shooting occurred (  Photos).

A protest will be held on Monday, September 24th at noon at Oakland City Hall.

This is the third time this year that the Oakland police have fatally shot someone. The Oakland police sergeant who shot Gary King was involved in two previous shootings in recent years, one of them fatal.

What freaks me out the most is that in looking for a graphic for this post, I found this image as the “General Information” Icon at the Oakland PD website. Am I imagining things, or is this supposed to be a cop pointing a gun at somebody?


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