Americans Relinquish Sex for the Net (Blowfish)


From my Blowfish column:  

Writer Audacia Ray recently linked to a Reuters article on a study that purports to prove that Americans, increasingly, are forgoing sex for the Internet.

Hey, can you blame them? How often does sex involve hedgehogs, UFOs and Britney Spears? (Don’t answer that.)

What’s most interesting to me about the study is not what it finds but that it was treated as news. This study was conducted by advertising giant J. Walter Thompson, a company with over 8,500 employees and more than 300 officces in 87 countries. J. Walter Thompson serves 1,200 clients, including Pfizer, Shell, Nestle, Kellogg (Hi there, Johnny Boy!), and the United States Marine Corps. More to the point, apparently tired of that stodgy “J. Walter Thompson” name that was kicking around since 1877, they’ve mothballed their venerable moniker and reinvented themselves as the enormously hip “JWT,” flaunting what they got in a web site that’s a screaming nightmare of browser-crashing self-indulgence. Clearly, this is a company with its finger squarely on the pulse of technology (guess which finger?).

Read the whole article at

Image: QWERTY keyboard sits there and looks seductive, in an undated file photo.


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