Good Vibrations, Blowfish Commentary, Blowfish is Hiring, I’m Drinking Scotch

As a follow-on to my non-commentary on Good Vibrations being sold to a huge corporate entity, Christophe over at Blowfish comments on the original Good-Vibes-Is-In-Trouble issue over at this blog Gentleman Pornographer:

This is, of course, a difficult matter to comment on, since they are a competitor, albeit an honorable one. But I’ll make a few points…. A business model that depends on Google not changing their algorithm is not a sustainable one. Thus, “blame Google” is probably not a reasonable analysis of a business failure, any more than, “Well, yes, we had no insurance and no business disaster recovery plan, but who knew there would be a fire?” is really the fire’s fault.

Read more of Christophe’s observations here. As for my opinion, at the moment I’m too tuckered out to have one. I’m sorry, I’m glad, I’m elated, I’m depressed, I really don’t give a damn. It’s all very weird to be an outsider as GV goes through whatever transformation it’s going through, but whatever. I wish them the best.

Incidentally, Christophe also points out that Blowfish is hiring:

The Blowfish Corporation, the coolest sex product company in the entire world, is hiring. We’re looking for a very special person for a very special job. Please read this ad carefully, and if you think you are the person we are looking for, details on how to apply are at the end of the ad.

First, if you’ve never heard of us before, please cruise our web site at to get an idea of what we do.

We’re looking for a Buyer to handle our toy lines. This person will:

* Find and shepherd new products through our new-product process.
* Write copy for our print and web catalogs, and our email newsletter.
* Participate in our podcast to discuss new and interesting products.
* Write general site copy, such as buying guides, articles, etc.

In addition, like everyone else here, this person will:

* Answer customer phone and email questions about products.
* Take phone orders and queries.
* Process orders arriving through our website and by mail.
* Assist in the warehouse with receiving, shelving, picking and packing orders, as required.

This job requires:

* A deep fondness for the products we sell, and a willingness to learn and stay current on all aspects of the products and industry.
* The ability to discuss dildos, butt-plugs, vibrators, sex lube, the sex scenes in videos, and a wide variety of other sexually-related topics coolly and professionally.
* Excellent interpersonal, analytical, and problem-resolution skills.
* A near-fetish level of obsession with organization.
* Excellent communication skills, including the ability to write superb English.
* Computer literacy.

In addition, the following are a plus, although not absolutely required:

* Previous experience with buying for mail-order retail.
* Previous experience in the sex products field.
* Macintosh experience.

We offer:
* A relaxed, informal working environment.
* A very good collection of benefits.
* Competitive compensation.
* A really, really fun and unusual way to spend your days, and make money while doing it.

If this sounds like a job you’d love to do, please send the following information to

* A complete resume, with no unexplained time gaps.
* A sample of your prose, non-fiction writing, at least two paragraphs long.
* A cover letter, detailing any applicable experience relative to the job requirements above, and giving your salary requirements.

We cannot consider resumes without all of the above information.

Please do not call, and please make sure your email contains all of the above. Please send all documents in a plain-text email. Please do not send any attachments of any kind.

This job is located in San Francisco, California; our apologies, but we’re not able to accomodate telecommuting, and we are not able to relocate a candidate.


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