Todd Blair

My very close friend, Violet Blue, was married to this fantastic dude when I first knew her some years ago. His name is Todd Blair; he is a machine artist and teacher, and he is one of the most amazing, creative, kind, brilliant people I’ve ever known. He and Violet have since parted, but are still very close friends. Though I’ve run into him several times over the years, I haven’t talked much with Todd for some time, but magnificent people leave indelible impressions, and Survival Research Laboratories (of which Todd is a critical part) is packed with ’em. Todd is one of the coolest, always one of the people I looked forward to seeing during my time (tagging along with Violet) in proximity to SRL before I moved away from SF the last time.

toddblair.jpgTodd was in a terrible accident after the SRL show in Amsterdam this past weekend. Details are unclear, but he sustained very serious head trauma and will need to be in recovery in Amsterdam for some months. It’s unclear how extensive the damage is, but you can get more up-to-date details via the links below. His girlfriend Alex is with him now in Amsterdam, and is getting an apartment so she can care for him during the recovery period.

Todd’s one of the brilliant lights in San Francisco’s machine arts community, which as some of you may know is a vibrant world of gifted creators, amazing inventors, crazed visionaries, guerilla artists, wing nuts, and geniuses so brilliant it’s scary to talk to them. This is a blow to the underground arts community in SF and throughout the world, and to the arts world as a whole. I don’t pray, but if you do, please, now’s the time, and if you donate, that rocks too — apartments in Amsterdam ain’t cheap, and Todd’s supporters may need to be there for a while before he can safely come home.

You can find out more at Violet’s blog, follow Todd’s progress at, and you can donate to Todd’s recovery fund via Paypal, which I beg you to do if you can. There is also some info in posts on Laughing Squid and BoingBoing about Todd.

I found out about this Monday and am blogging it late, frankly because I hoped that more information would be forthcoming about Todd’s condition, and there is definitely good news at the blog, but everything is pretty up in the air with an injury like this.

Thinking good thoughts for Todd, and hoping you’re doing the same.

Photo via Violet.


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