$3500 Scholarship for Sex Ed Filmmakers

Cory Silverberg at About.com writes about a great sex ed filmmaking contest. I have taught sex ed at San Francisco Sex Information for about ten years (with some time off in there while I was in New Orleans, Panama and Los Angeles). Good sex ed media is damned important and actually pretty hard to find.

Five outstanding sex organizations have joined forces for one awesome video contest that I’m seven years too late to enter.

ISIS, Advocates for Youth, RH Reality Check, the National Sexuality Resource Center, and SEICUS just announced the Fresh Focus Digital Video Contest which will award a $3500 scholarship to the youth (liberally defined as 15 to 30 years old) who creates the best video about sex education that’s less than 3 minutes and manages to keep everyone’s pants on. They’re already taking submissions and the deadline is December 31st.

The winner will be announced, and their video featured at Sex:Tech, the first ever conference to focus on youth sexual health and technology, which is happening in January in San Francisco (where else).

Read more at Cory’s About.com Sexuality page.


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