Ron Jeremy (Interview)

 Joanne Cachapero’s interview with Ron Jeremy in Eros Zine:

If you ask Ron Jeremy what it’s like to be a legend, he probably won’t tell you. I’m not sure he knows exactly how it happened — it just did. Tonight, if you Google search his name, you’ll get 1,780,000 references. Tomorrow, there’ll probably be a couple more.

I’m pretty sure that he figures that whatever information you need about him can be looked up online; 30 years of lies and truths, the glorious and the goofy — it’s all there and thensome. Or you can buy his autobiography, “The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz” down at the Barnes & Noble and get it straight from the Hedgehog’s mouth.

Aside from being a legend and a cute, furry mammal, Jeremy is 150 percent hustler. At this point, I’ve interviewed him several times; it doesn’t matter where or when — he is always ready with a comment and a plug. There is always something interesting to talk about and some product that needs to be pitched. And his good-natured ambition has served him well because he may be the only adult star that can really lay claim to crossing over mainstream.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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