Who Gets Better Sex? Country Kink or City Perv? (Midori: Diva’s Debauchery)

“I know this isn’t San Francisco…” As my teaching tour takes me to various cities and towns, invariably someone will apologize to me about the supposed lack of sexual sophistication in that particular town.

“Oh, you’re so lucky to live in San Francisco. It must be amazing and wild!” Some will exclaim to me, as their gaze drifts off, imagining some sunny Shangri-La shaded by palm trees and the wafting scent of leather.

Indeed, my beloved San Francisco is a wonderful town, unique and blessed. There are also other cities known for relatively sexually liberal social climates, such as Amsterdam, New York, Los Angeles, etc. With the mention each of these locales, my friends from small towns and villages must imagine some non-stop bacchanal, with each player more sexually savvy then the last.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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