Arse Electronika (Blowfish)

arseimage.jpgFrom my Blowfish column:

This past weekend,’s Porn Palace in San Francisco was overrun by a small cadre of die-hard geeks, theory nerds, sex freaks, average Joes and Janes, and every other flavor of folk fascinated by the intellectual and physical intersection of sex and technology. It was Arse Electronika, an event conceived and created by Vienna arts organization Monochrom.

The fun got started Friday night, which what I gathered from later description was a spirited series of performances involving farts, balloons, fucking machines and a pleasure-enabled mannequin. However, I wouldn’t know, as I had to miss Friday for prior obligations. Nonetheless, Friday’s proceedings set a tone for the weekend: Matt Ganucheau’s tech-art project Moaning Lisa could often be heard doing her thing. Lisa’s a hacked department-store pleasurebot with touch-responsive metal pads on her pudenda and the sweet spot of her ass, not to mention stereo knobs on her nipples. Fondle her a bit and she lets out a porntastic yowl that could occasionally be heard underneath a lecture on home video technology or a clipshow on European porn features.

Read more at Blowfish.


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