Exquisite Restraint Corsets

Vena‘s interview with Simone at Exquisite Restraint: 

Most people agree that there’s just something really sexy about the wasped outline of a corseted body. It’s one of those universally accepted icons of the ideal feminine form dating back to the Victorian era. With its tight lacing and reinforced shapers (known as “boning”) underneath the fabrics, it was no surprise that corsets quickly became de rigueur in fetish wear for both women and men. Many who have been fortunate enough to wear a corset get addicted the instant they experience that incredible feeling of being tightly cinched in and seeing their waistline disappear. For the more advanced addicts such as myself, stepping up to a custom fitted corset can usually cinch further inches off my waist without the added penalty of bruised ribs, unlike typical off the rack corsets.

In the world of high end corset design, Exquisite Restraint ranks up there as one of the more respected lines. I first met Simone, the owner and designer of Exquisite Restraint, backstage at a fashion show. Within five minutes of our introduction, Simone was in the dressing room ripping my clothes off, and on her knees lacing me into some sky high platform boots… no, it’s not what you think! She was helping out another company that I was just one of the models for. But while one would think that it’s this kind of unique interaction that developed our friendship, it was really her no nonsense approach when dealing with the models that left a lasting impression on me. I figured that it takes a truly talented person to successfully herd a group of cackling models as well as she did.

Read more at Eros Zine.


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